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Rising From The Ashes | Renace De Las Cenizas

Poverty is a Cycle That Can Be Broken

We help families help themselves


Your donation will help with our programs: Emergency Assistance, Home & Community, etc.


Become a partner for as little as $50 month. Your donation goes towards sponsoring a family


Our program is made up of an amazing group of volunteers. Join us and be a part of our family.

Our Pilot program was a success. Families in our program are taught not to rely on handouts but to become self-sustainable. We are one of few non-profit corporations providing a gateway to self-sustainability.

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480 525-0985

2nd Annual Fundraiser
December 12th
Tickets – $75

Poverty is a cycle we're breaking.

Our mission is to elevate the standard of living for the families with the direst needs in our local communities through education, cooperative economics, and accountability to end the generational cycle of poverty.  We are one of few non-profit corporations providing a gateway to self-sustainability.  

Together We Can Help People Live Better Lives

What creates poverty is the lack of opportunity for education and employment. Our participants grow their self-respect and dignity by learning how to financially provide for themselves. Join our community of donors and sponsors. Learn more about our project and programs below.

Only $150 will enroll a new family into the program. Families already enrolled in the program
will receive training in the areas of Life Skills, Money Management, Job Readiness, and Basic
Business Development. On completion they will receive a small graduated monthly stipend to
aid them in their transition from poverty to freedom. The stipend is paid monthly for 12
months. Your contribution provides education, employment opportunities, and basic cash

Goal: Families Per Month


Goal: Families Per Year


Provides temporary shelter and basic needs for a maximum of 90 days. The recipient reimburses the Emergency Assistance Fund over time from their monthly EPF stipend.

Goal: Families Helped Per Year




There is a vast need for adequate housing for our families and the community. Your support will go towards creating the infrastructure for SELF sustainable communities.  

Goal: Build Residential Community

Support for 150 Families



The Journey To end the generational cycle of poverty starts here.

We no longer make the families co-dependent on what others might provide them, we teach them to ‘fish’, independence, and self-sustainability. Working together, sponsors and donors with El Proyecto Fenix, the Fenix (El Proyecto Fenix families) will rise.

Rising from the ashes.
Cooperative Economics is the vehicle that drives EPF to the GOAL

"My Life In Pictures"

Below is a photo album of one of the child particpants in our program. It sums up the why and the need for our program. What we do is teach people the skills they need to escape poverty and build brighter futures for themselves and their families. And with your help, we can continue to change lives. For less than $15 a month, you can help us reach our initiative.


This is My Home
There's no water or electricity in it
Our kitchen is in
the mud house
This is our bathroom
This is our shower
We made our toilet
using a paint bucket
This is our
neighbor's house
We repair our home with whatever we can find

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