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El Proyecto Fenix, Inc

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Our Programs Are Designed To Help families living in substandard housing with little or no income to sustain them.

Families in need

Must meet the following qualifications:
  • Complete the EPF Application and Interview
  • Must be a family of 2 or more in the household

  • Must have little to no income, living on charitable donations

  • Live in substandard housing

  • Demonstrate a desire to be self-sustained

  • Commit to the completion of the EPF tweleve month program

  • Learn and perform basic living and money management skills

  • Accept employment opportunities

  • Complete all classes and assignments

  • Submit a monthly budget and account for expenditures

  • Sign EPF Agreement

Enroll A Family for only $150

Become a Sponsor by Enrolling a Family Into Our Program!
Sponsors are the life blood of EPF! It is through their generosity and commitment, EPF families receive basic assistance to help launch them into becoming self-supporting and self-sustaining. It is due to the Sponsors' commitment, that EPF is able to continue adding families and making a difference.


El Proyecto Fenix provides training, support, and encouragement to families with the end goal of improving their overall well-being and independence.  Graduates of the program will help new candidates, creating a system of sustainability!

Increased Standard of Living

Let's Raise The Bar
Our mission is to elevate the standard of living for the neediest families in our local communities using cooperative economics, education, and accountability to end the generational cycle of poverty. We are one of few non-profit corporations providing a gateway to self-sustainability.

Fenix Home & Community

There is a vast need for adequate housing for our families and the community. Your support will go towards creating the infrastructure for SELF sustainable communities.  

Operational & Emergency Assistance

Fenix Support & Emergency Assistance

Allows EPF to place funds where the need is greatest and provide temporary shelter and basic needs for a maximum of 90 days. The recipient reimburses the Emergency Assistance over time from their monthly EPF stipend.

Have a Look At

Some of The Families & Conditions You Are Helping Improve.

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