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Rising From The Ashes | Renace De Las Cenizas

Increased Standard of Living

Lets Raise The Bar
Our mission is to elevate the standard of living for the neediest families in our local communities using cooperative economics, education, and accountability to end the generational cycle of poverty. We are one of few non-profit corporations providing a gateway to self-sustainability.

Fenix Home & Community

There is a vast need for adequate housing for our families and the community. Your support will go towards creating the infrastructure for SELF sustainable communities.  


El Proyecto Fenix is run by a volunteer board that has worked tirelessly to amass a growing network of committed supporters.

As we add new families to the Empowerment Program and train them to become sponsors and supporters of the program, our partners’ contributions will help provide the resources necessary for families to receive a small monthly stipend for 12 months for which they will be accountable and graduate from the program in 18 months. 

Additionally, these funds may be used for: homes, including the installation of electricity and plumbing, and water accessibility.

The overall goal is to teach, train, achieve self-sustainability, and 21st century living conditions for EPF families.

We hope your generosity will be an example to others, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will honor that request.

“Friends”; (those with a strong personal or philosophical
connection) with El Proyecto Fenix willing to provide their support without
any expectation of material return.

Business interests or entities that have budgeted cash and in-kind
support who believe that investing will make a better community and
generate a tangible return for them.

  • Families – identified families living in substandard housing with little or
    no income to sustain them.
  • Volunteers – people with a desire to give their time, talent, and
    treasury for the good of the community

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Sponsors and Volunteers

What people say?

I had no Idea! I will never foget what I have witnessed here today! This shouldn't be anyone's standard of living.
Expat & Volunteer
Wow, I am truly humbled. EL Proyecto is truly changing lives.
Expat & Volunteer