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Start Changing Lives Now

​There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that a simple act of kindness can make such an enormous difference in someone’s life.  Join this brigade of givers today.  Become a difference maker in the lives of families who will forever be changed by your generosity.

Home & Community

Help Build Homes

Fenix Empowerment

Directly Enroll a Family
$ 150
/Per Family


Starting at just
$ 50
/Per Month

To end the generational cycle of poverty starts here. We no longer make the families co-dependent on what others might provide them, we teach them to ‘fish’, independence, and self-sustainability. Working together, sponsors and donors with El Proyecto Fenix,
the Fenix (El Proyecto Fenix families) will rise.


We are a group of volunteers with a vision to see the neediest of needy families become self-reliant, independent, community contributors aiding in uplifting other families following a co-operative plan.


For far too many years and generations some of these families have lived on hand-outs with little or no hope for anything better.

Together through your generous support and El Proyecto Fenix, Inc. project strategy and education, we
will elevate the standard of living, changing the mindset from dependency to self-reliance and sustainability.


With your gifts of:
$150 you enroll one family into the El Proyecto Fenix Project 

Any amount in the following areas is tremendously appreciated, (together we make the

o Fenix Home 
o Fenix Emergency Assist 
o Fenix Community 

Your generous donations provide the fuel to meeting EPF goals:

  • Educate – Basic life skills – how to utilize and maintain indoor plumbing and electricity

  • Motivate –  Create generational abundance – basic small business and entrepreneurial skills

  • Empower – Better living conditions for participating families – learning and experiencing pride in ownership

  • Compensate – Basic money management skills – how to budget, save, and make good financial decisions.  EPF provides participating families a monthly stipend for one year.


Prior to the COVID Pandemic, board member Wesley and co-founder Linda, assisted another charity organization delivering food to families living in many of the makeshift shelters not far from the wonderful resort where they lived.  By the second week of shopping, sorting, and hours of delivery,  Linda asked Wesley, “why are we not teaching these people to fish”?   In other words, if we bring them a fish today, they will need another tomorrow (making them dependent), but if we teach them how to fish, getting it for themselves they will not have to depend on anyone.

El Proyecto Fenix is designed to encourage, motivate, and move participants from dependency to independence requiring applicant’s participation and completion in the following areas:

  • Basic Financial Education
  • Self-Reliance
  • Self-Sustainability
  • Improved Housing – with water, electricity and flooring
  • Personal Achievement – inspiring confidence
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Volunteer assistance to the project

It is built on three main pillars: 

“Friends”; (those with a strong personal or philosophical
connection) with El Proyecto Fenix willing to provide their support without
any expectation of material return.

Business interests or entities that have budgeted cash and in-kind
support who believe that investing will make a better community and
generate a tangible return for them.

  • Families – identified families living in substandard housing with little or
    no income to sustain them.
  • Volunteers – people with a desire to give their time, talent, and
    treasury for the good of the community

Why The Need?

Sponsors and Volunteers

What people say?

I had no Idea! I will never forget what I have witnessed here today! This shouldn't be anyones standard of living.
Expat & Volunteer
Wow, I am truly humbled. EL Proyecto is trully changing lives.
Expat & Volunteer